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Storm's 1st birthday

Storm was open-sourced exactly one year ago today. It's been an action-packed year for Storm, to say the least. Here's some of the exciting stuff that's happened over the past year:

  • 27 companies have publicized that they're using Storm in production. I know of at least a few more companies using it that haven't published anything yet.
  • O'Reilly published a book on Storm.
  • The Storm mailing list has over 1300 members, with over 500 messages per month.
  • The @stormprocessor account has over 1200 followers.
  • More than 4000 people have starred the project on Github.
  • There's a regular Storm meetup in the Bay Area with over 230 members. I've also seen lots of Storm-focused meetups happen all over the world over the past year.
  • 29 people all over the world have contributed to the codebase
  • We released Trident, a high level abstraction for realtime computation, that is a major leap forward in what's possible in realtime.
  • Libraries have been released integrating Storm with Kestrel, Kafka, JMS, Cassandra, Memcached, and many more systems. For many, Storm is becoming the system of choice for connecting these systems together.
  • Storm's performance has been increased by over 10x. I've benchmarked it at 1M messages per second per node on an internal Twitter cluster.

What I overwhelmingly hear from people is that they like Storm because it's simple to understand, flexible, and extremely robust in production. These have always been some of the core design goals of Storm, so I'm glad that we were able to succeed on these points.

We've got lots of exciting stuff planned over the next year. We have a new metrics system in development which will let you get deep insight into what's happening throughout your topology in realtime. And we have big plans for improving Trident and integrating it with more datastores and input sources.

Happy birthday Storm!

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