I'm Nathan Marz. I'm most well-known for creating the Apache Storm project and writing a book about the Lambda Architecture as a foundation for large-scale data systems. Storm has been adopted by many of the world's largest companies, including Yahoo!, Microsoft, Alibaba, Taobao, WebMD, Spotify, and many more.

I was the Lead Engineer at BackType before BackType was acquired by Twitter in July of 2011. At Twitter I started the streaming compute team which provides infrastructure that supports numerous critical applications throughout the company. I left Twitter in March of 2013 to start my own company (currently in stealth).

Besides my tech interests, I have a deep interest in the advancement of rationality. I believe all humans are predisposed with a large number of biases and fallacious modes of reasoning, and it takes serious study for anyone to plug these holes in their mind. I'm interested in any projects or ideas that aim to help society at large overcome these biases and fallacies.

I'm always happy to give advice or connect with people doing interesting work. I welcome you to contact me directly at nathan@nathanmarz.com.