I enjoy giving talks and do so frequently. A small sample of my talks are linked below. If you'd like to invite me to speak at an event, email me at nathan@nathanmarz.com.

Keynote at Strata 2013: "Human fault-tolerance"

Keynote at NoSQL Matters Barcelona 2013: "A Call for Sanity in NoSQL"

Keynote at NoSQL Now! 2013: "Your Code is Wrong"

Strange Loop 2012: "Runaway complexity in Big Data... and a plan to stop it"


Philly ETE 2012: "Storm"

Strange Loop 2011: "Storm"

I open-sourced Storm during this talk.


Clojure Conj 2011: "Cascalog: Making Data Processing Fun Again"

LinkedIn Tech Talk 2010: "Clojure at BackType"